If you are looking for a place where your son or daughter are the center of attention, or where you are the center of attention, a place where your child can gain a college scholarship by not passing to others, a place where your child complains to the referee, taunts other players, does not hustle, or where you complain about your child’s playing time to the coach, a place where you try to “smooze” a coach so he will play your child more, a place where you complain about the coach or other players to the other parents, a place where you or your son blames the coach for their lack of playing time instead of working to get better, or a place where you yell at the referee and the opponents from the sideline then this is NOT for you.

We may go 25-0 or 0-25 and we will not act differently. We will act as Christ would have us. If you are not in agreement with this We can find another AAU program for you. There are plenty out there that have players and parents like this so you will fit right in. Please don’t tryout for Triple Threat if this is you.