How competitive or non-competitive will this team be?

This is not a rec. team or a typical church league team. This is a competitive travel team. The team will be as competitive as the players’ skill level on that team. The goal is to play high-level competition.

What if my child has never played AAU basketball?

No problem. As long as they are willing to improve and give their best they can tryout for the team. This is about development as well as competition.

Will there be equal playing time?

No. Every player will play in every game, but some may not play more then a few minutes depending on their skill level. Coaches want to play all the players as much as possible, but it will be based on the coach’s discretion. If this is not what you are looking for, then do not tryout for the team. We can help you find leagues that have equal playing time.

How can my child improve if they are not in the game?

Improvement comes in practice and working on your game at home. Think of it as a play at a theater. Not all actors are the main role. Some have no speaking parts at all. Or take a piano recital as another example. If you want to perform the hard songs, you have to practice with the piano teacher as well as at home. The best pianist is the one that practice all the time. So playing time is coach’s discretion only.

Can a player be on another AAU team and also play with 3T?

Although we have allowed this in the past, we are now saying no. Although our intentions are pure to allow players to do this, it may give the impression that we are recruiting players, and we want to avoid that impression. Also, it is very demanding on the time of that player.

Is 3T associated with a school or church?

No, it is open to all students from all schools in the area.

Do you have to be a Christian to be in 3T?

Although 3T is a Christian based organization, you do not have to be a Christian to join. You and your child will have to be comfortable with team devotions, prayer, etc. Also, know it is our prayer and intention that you come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior if that is not true of you today. We look forward to showing and sharing God’s love with you in word and deed.

Who runs 3T?

Eddie Rogosich started it and is currently developing an advisory board. There are currently five others with years of basketball and ministry experience who are helping shape 3T. More details on an advisory board as the season progresses.

How many on a team?

This depends on the coach, the skill level, and the players involved. The goal is 12 players, but we may go higher depending on the team’s needs.