In 2002 while on a mission trip in Australia, God gave me a vision for a sports ministry called Triple Threat. Over the years I have been waiting for His timing. After going to numerous travel basketball tournaments in the summer of 2013 something unexpected happened. As I went to these games I had the same feeling of past mission trips to countries where there was idol worship such as Hinduism and Buddhism, etc. It was easy to recognize the false gods in these countries. In these gyms I saw the false god of basketball, and the worship of self as these players were playing for their own glory. Parents were cheering them on for the glory and hope of a future college scholarship. There was no joy on their faces, just tension, angst and many were frustrated.

In that same summer of 2013 God put a desire in my heart to start a travel basketball team where He was first priority. In this same summer I received an email from a parent asking me what I thought about the idea of a Christian based travel basketball team. This person had no idea about Triple Threat as not even my wonderful wife Alli knew I was praying about this over the summer. Another parent at a basketball camp I was doing asked me if I knew of any Christian Based AAU teams. Another friend called me to talk about this similar concept. I was at an AAU tournament in Kansas City and saw a Christian based travel team. I think you get the picture! God was bringing people to confirm this needed to happen.

The most recent encouraging confirmations have been as I have talked to people about this idea since December of 2013. The word has been getting out and numerous people are excited about this idea. We look forward to how God will write the rest of the story… as Triple Threat is His Team!

-Eddie Rogosich, Program Director