3T Outreach

One of the main goals of 3T to convey to the players that as you are a Triple Threat on the court, it is more important to be a “Triple Threat” in life. Meaning, to use your gifts and talents for God. 3T will take at least 10% of their funds from the administrative fee to impact three areas to serve others. These are:

  1. Missions – funding projects that spread the Gospel around the world. This season we will support YWAM Montana Sports as they share the Gospel Around the World.       http://ywammontana.org/programs/summer-of-sports 
  2. Food/Water – funding ministries that supply food and water to those in need. This season we will give to the Raleigh Chapter of the Salvation Army. www.salvationarmycarolinas.org/wakecounty 
  3. Orphans/Pro-Life – funding ministries that are for children who cannot speak up for themselves. This season we will again give to Amazing Grace Adoptions, www.agadoptions.org