February through June/July*

  • Teams may end the last week of June depending on the coach and team parents. Some may go into July. This is the team’s choice.
  • There are also tournaments from Aug. through Nov. that a team may choose to do. These are completely optional and will be paid on a tournament-by-tournament basis.



  • Team fees cover 7 tournaments per team. After 7 each team will pay a-la-cart
  • Every two – three weeks
  • Emphasis is on staying local
  • Each team will do one overnight tournament and not more then two per season. HS teams may go to more then two.
  • Goal is local and low cost.



  • Random scrimmages during practice times at no extra cost.
  • With so many teams in the Triangle area we want to take advantage of extra game play



  • These can be very beneficial in lowering costs.
  • They are also great team bonding events.
  • These are not mandatory, but decided on by the team.