Come out to the North Raleigh Christian Academy gyms and play pick up ball on Saturday nights!

This is open to ALL players.
You do not have to be a part of Triple Threat to join this program.
Please invite anyone you want.

Pick-Up Registration

Sign up for all 3 = $20
Sign up for 2 = $15
Sign up for 1 = $10

Please pay at the door! 

NOTE: All participants must have an AAU Card for Insurance Purposes
Cards are $16 for extended coverage benefits. Please print and bring a copy. This does not mean you are joining AAU. Triple Threat needs you to have this as we are an AAU organization and this is how we get our player insurance. This will last for one year.

Additional Details:

  • Parents are welcome to stay and watch, or use this time to go out to dinner!
  • Players need to bring a basketball and a water bottle, just like pick-up in the park!
  • Players need to dress for playing with appropriate basketball shoes.

“PICK-UP” Details:
Back when we (those of us who are over 30 years old) grew up we went to the local park to play basketball. This is where friendships were formed, “game point” was fierce, and where you got better on your own. In today’s sprawling communities, there are not many parks where players go to play. Hence, today’s player is missing out on not only the fun of “pick-up”, but the challenge of it. In today’s culture of hyper-camps, clinics and personal coaches (all of which 3T adds to that chaos!) I believe more and more there needs to be a place where today’s kids can JUST GO PLAY! I notice with my own sons with how much fun they have when they just play with friends in a tackle football game or a game of 3 on 3 with the neighbors.

PICK-UP Acronym:

  • P – Play: Players need to just play, and not be coached through every play.
  • I – Inspire: Each session starts with 30 minutes of fun, challenging drills to inspire players to get better.
  • C – Compete: Games will be competitive! This is not backyard pick up.
  • K – Kids: Letting them just be kids to enjoy the game.
  • U – Unity: This will be a place where friendships are strengthened and new ones are formed.
  • P – Pray: 3T wants to continue the tradition that James Naismith started when he first introduced basketball, which is to put God above basketball.


To Sign-Up:

Pick-Up Registration